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We work with First Home Buyers assisting them onto the Property Ladder. Whether you have your full deposit or you have saved as little as $2,000 we can assist you in fulfilling your property dream. Stop renting and paying off someone else’s mortgage and become a home owner in your own right. We can source the ideal home for you, that is FHOG approved, anywhere in Australia.
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Looking to purchase your first home? We’re a one stop shop for First Home Owners

We Simplify The Porperty Purchase

By combining the First Home Owner’s Grant and the financial assistance from ourselves, you will be surprised how easy it is to enter the Property Market. We partner with the best finance brokers, solicitors and conveyancers who specialise in assisting first time buyer with the financial and legal aspects of purchasing a property.


We recognise how tough it is for First Home Owners to be able to purchase their first home. The hardest and most time consuming thing to achieve is to save the deposit required for your first home. Even with the government grant it can still be a very daunting task. We have finance solutions available that will accelerate that time to purchase, even if you have very little funds saved.
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We have a team of friendly and knowledgable conveyancers and solicitors who specialise in Property Transactions who can guide through the legalities of purchasing your first home.
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Project 2 Property Pty Ltd (P2P) has evolved from the owners’ collective knowledge and experience of all aspects of real estate.

P2P is here to simplify the process of purchasing, developing and constructing land or property and offers sound advice to ensure that you make an informative and commercially viable decision.

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